Wednesday, July 19, 2017

80th Place

So that's where we finished up--80th in the Intermediate/Scaled teams of 3 category for women.  Out of 266 that doesn't seem too shabby.  I recognize a few other local teams that finished a little ways ahead of us--Rachel Rosenthal, Amber Zlotnik, etc. 

The workouts went ok, after I made my peace with being inferior at EVERYTHING in comparison to Jess.  She's basically superhuman, with like a 7th gear to kick into or something.  I only have 3: slow, medium, and will-die-soon (reserve this gear for when there's only 30 seconds left in the workout). I beat Lisa at 3 of the 6, a 4th is hard to compare (each athletes did different weights of deadlift-clean-overhead combos), and the 5th involved double-unders which tragically I struggled with, in spite of having been doing SO WELL LATELY with Nick.  I did the workout twice, inconceivably (it was an 18 minute AMRAP!!!!), and did better round two by a little bit, but still pretty poorly.  Anyway, it's over, I gave a good effort, and now I can get back to normal things.  Or not?

Hurt my shoulder at work doing the most retarded benign action of pushing against a heavy door.  It's right at the humeral head, and rather intensely painful with a variety of pushing/lifting movements whenever my arm isn't T-Rexed to my body to spare it.  How interesting that my perspective changes SOOOOOOO quickly.  The hours and days before I was lamenting the difficulty of working out HARD.  Then I hurt myself and ALL I WANT IS TO BE ABLE TO WORK OUT HARD!  God, PLEASE let this be brief, and minor.  I saw Dave Yancey at Accelerate yesterday and he monkeyed around with it and my feet which have been bugging me after double-unders.  HOLY MOLY on the feet, OW!  Give the girl a bullet to bite on.  The shoulder he didn't seem to find anything I guess I baby it for a while, use the quack root-beer oil, ice, ibuprofen, and hope it stops being mad.

The feet haven't been getting WORSE really, so I'm relieved about that, but also I went to Endurunce today to get properly fitted and the right pair of shoes.  Asics.  Ugly.  Better be worth it. 

I note that eating was a major lament of my last post, and that, encouragingly, has been much better.  Nothing much else to report...the Tri is coming up next, so I'll try to be diligent about the biking, running, swimming the next two weeks.  I've decided not to get clip-ins and a wet-suit...though I'll probably have a lot of explaining to do to Joel.  I don't have the money right now, and all I want to do is to DO one.  Not make an amazing time or anything.  So we'll have to swim in a sport's bra and shortie-shorts, ride with tennis shoes, and make it work.  Hopefully people will think I'm just adorable and not a pathetic idiot. 

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