Friday, June 2, 2017

99 Days

I biked 10 miles, and got a little nervous about the burn I was feeling in my quads early on (at a 20mph pace) since I was scheduled to work out with Nick for the first time later in the afternoon.  I slowed up and finished 10 in around 37 minutes, which I think is about a 15/16mph average speed.  I hope to get up to 20 miles before the mini triathlon without too much trouble.

Working out with Nick was everything I hoped it would and wouldn't be.  A lot of very specific movements to fix the things I hate doing.  First off was 5RM front squats (125lbs) for a couple sets, then some complexes of 3x hang-clean + 2x front to heavy.  I got up to 115 on that one I think.  Lastly (and plenty), 4 rounds of some slow Bulgarian squats, ring assisted pistols, and stationary glute holds.  Burrrrrrrrrrrrns so baaaaaaaaaad.  But good.

Nick agreed to work out a plan where I come in for two sessions/week, and then do three other workouts per week at Sta-Fit.  Lauren is going to get on board for the summer too, and workout a volleyball program.  Jess said she would sign us up for the qualifier tonight.  Hurray!

Just a gorgeous hot day.  Took the dog for a long walk this evening, and now she's panting like she's in labor because she thinks she hears thunder.  GAH, STAHHHHHP!  Might have to lock her out of my room tonight. Ha! G'night!

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