Sunday, June 4, 2017


I did a CrossFit partner workout yesterday with my dear friend and police lieutenant, Lori.  Only 7 minutes long, I guess the rest of the gym had had a hard week of workouts.  We did a bunch of rope climbs and handstand pushups, as well as some light (135lb) deadlifts.  The handstand push-ups were assisted, and hurt my head.  It would seem one really does build up a tolerance to being upside down, and I apparently have lost it.  We did 3 max weight thruster clusters before the WOD, and I got to 95 pounds, though I could have gone a bit heavier. 

I ran three miles on the treadmill at StaFit later in the evening, a 6.5mph pace, and it felt fine and good, minus the left achilles which is starting to make itself known...and really actually makes me nervous.  I can't have that bother me again!  It's so debilitating!!!!!  Today I stayed off it and biked a couple miles each way to Caribou for my study sesh, and then swam a half mile tonight at StaFit.  Super hot day, so good time for it.  I completed it in around 15:30, resting about every 100m for half a minute or so after the first 200. 

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