Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 1 in the Books

Can you believe it took only two days for me to fall off the workout wagon?  Okay, I didn't fall off, but neither did I do the workout on day two.  Work itself was long, then cousin Sarah came to visit, and it felt both disappointing and rude to dismiss myself immediately for a workout.  So I got up pretty early, and used my own weights to do it--minus ten pounds since I'm short a little bit with my barbell.  It was as follows, and I completed in 11:58:

5 Rounds with 105lbs
12 deadlift
9 hang clean
6 overhead press

Left me exhausted, burning, and with a gory scrape on my right collar bone that just looks worse and worse as the days go on, haha!

The next two days I did Nick's workouts.  On Thursday I got an overhead squat PR of 85.  It's very very encouraging--he keeps saying, and I can tell he means it, we'll be able to fix the things I consider my weaknesses.  Not that it will come easily--I feel very frustrated trying to fix my extension problems with cleans and snatches. 

Friday, like a dedicated little saint, I went to row a monster metcon before my shift: a total of 5400m which is most definitely my greatest length ever.  There were scheduled breaks of 21 minutes altogether, and my time of completion was 42.04.  I think that's decent.  When I tried to break it down today in my mind, I think it comes out to sub 2 minutes 500s.  1:57 or something.  

Today after work I was gonna take a relatively leisurely bike ride, but ended up actually feeling pretty good this hot, hot day, and rode 10 miles, and beat my last time by over a minute.  Time for 10.11 miles was 35:40.  Tomorrow is another work shift, so who knows if I'll work out, but I'm excited for week 2 :).

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