Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's gonna be a sweeeeeeeeeeet summer!

So it's June.  I like it.  I'm glad.  I have happy anticipation of things to come.  I'm making home and garden improvements, I'm a little tan already from my trips to Arizona, and my little sister is dedicated to working out, as am I.  My summer Spanish class is beating me up, but hey!  It'll be over in three weeks, and I'll be giving a 'C' attempt all I've got! Ha!

I was surprised at the opportunity almost instantly offered me to create a team for the Granite Games when I inquired at CrossFit on Tuesday.  And something in me wants to try for it, even though my teammates would both be both physically and psychologically stronger than me.  I mentioned it to Nick Stram of Apex, who has already drawn up a short plan to work on some glaring CrossFit weaknesses--most notably overhead squats, squats in general, and double-unders.  He thought the team would be a great fit, and thought he could also get me in the best shape I'd ever been in by the games if I work hard and work on a plan with him.  I want it.  I've always been motivated by the vision of others on my behalf, and here from the comfort of my couch on June first I want it.  This blog will hopefully serve to tell the story for myself--whether a mediocre tale of half-assed attempts at fitness and nutrition, and the usual progression towards apathy after my grandeous plans for myself...or perhaps a really inspirational growth spurt, well-rewarded in 100 days at the Granite Games. I worked a 12 hour shift in Litchfield, ate pretty well, jumped 1000 jumps and ran a mile.  My best effort at double-unders was 17 in a row.  Then Lauren and I did chest and triceps.  Done.  

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